Creepy Brutus by Coté Escrivá x Thunder Mates

Coté Escrivá continues his officially-licensed takes on the classic Popeye cartoon with the new Creepy Brutus polyresin art toy from Thunder Mates. Creepy Brutus features Escrivá’s ‘creepy’ take on the bruising sailor with exposed skeletal detail (plus blood vessels) in the chest, arms, and legs—much like the previously released Creepy Popeye. As you might expect, Creepy Brutus (11.42″) is considerably larger than Creepy Popeye (8.6″). Brutus will look great glaring at Popeye.

The Creepy Brutus polyresin art toy (11.42″) will be available for pre-order on Friday (10.23) at 7 AM PDT from Thunder Mates for $330. The figure is slated to arrive in early December 2020.

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