myplasticheart Exclusive Amabie Red Glitter Clear by Knuckle x Headlock Studio

Myplasticheart is set to unleash their exclusive Amabie Red Glitter Clear sofubi art toy by Knuckle (Little Chop Design) x Headlock Studio. Amabie has enjoyed new found popularity in the era of Covid-19 as the folklore behind the auspicious yokai mentions that its predicted wave of disease could be prevented through repeated drawing of the creature. Knuckle’s fun version of the yokai features a chunky sculpt with the artist’s signature freckled cheeks. This new colorway pops with a deeply saturated red vinyl with sparkly glitter set complemented nicely by silver spray accents.

The myplasticheart exclusive Amabie Red Glitter Clear sofubi art toy will drop on Wednesday (10.21) at 9 AM PDT from myplastcheart.

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