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Source: Luki Lab

Luki Lab, the direct-to-consumer division of Strottman International, is launching new toys at the Toy Insider‘s Holiday of Play @ Home.

Gujo Adventure and Pinxies are STEM-authenticated creative building brands that are designed to inspire “epic adventures and imaginative exploration.” Additionally, the company will debut its new game, Clawsome!

“The best way to teach is to make whatever you teach fun,” says Didier Pietri, president and CEO, Strottman International. “With Gujo Adventure, Pinxies, and Clawsome!, kids will have lots of fun while problem-solving, enhancing their creativity, and developing motor skills. We want to offer toys that deliver more than just fun for this new generation.”

Source: Luki Lab


Kids can build a world inhabited by 3.25-inch character figures that feature interchangeable facial expressions to represent a range of emotions. At launch, the line includes five building sets: Mission Mars Rocket, Mars Mission Base, Deep Sea Submarine, Underwater Base, and Lost Jungle Temple. Sets can be combined and are made of waterproof, washable materials.

Source: Luki Lab


Pinxies building sets include highly detailed graphic paperboard panels and colorful plastic building links. Kids can assemble structures and through play that encourages problem-solving. The Unicorn Barn set includes more than 240 pieces, three friends — Koral, Lila, and Finn — three colorful unicorns, training and care accessories, and a sticker sheet for decorating. All Pinxies sets can be combined to expand the fun. An Enchanted Ice Castle is also available.

Source: Luki Lab


Clawsome is a retro-style game of skill, speed, and science. Kids squeeze the water chamber to direct the diver and open the powerful claws to retrieve the six sunken treasures inside. The game demonstrates the principle of buoyancy (Archimedes’ principle) and the ideal gas law.

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