MC Supersized X-Ray Full Color Clear Blue by Ron English x Secretbase

The MC Supersized X-Ray Full Color Clear Blue figure is Secretbase’s latest made-in-Japan sofubi edition of Ron English’s signature fast food-inspired character. A mix of painted and translucent vinyl—the best of both worlds—the figure features an embedded white skeleton visible through the translucent blue + red glitter vinyl torso. The painted details including the white and red face, striped sleeves and shoes tie the figure back to its iconic fast food mascot inspiration. Echoing the golden arches, the burger in the stomach features a gold bun.

The MC Supersized X-Ray Full Color sofubi art toy (6.5″) is available directly from Secretbase for ¥16,800 ($160). For international orders, place an email request to as described in the international ordering guide.

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