FYE Exclusive Super Crash Bros Mean Edition by Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys

Nationwide chain FYE continues to introduce art toys to a wide audience with its new exclusive Super Crash Bro Mean Edition vinyl art toy by Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys. The follow-up to the OG edition, ‘Mean’ features the instantly recognizable yellow and purple colors of a certain ‘Bros’ villain.

A follow-up to Divine’s popular Astro Crash figures, Super Crash Bros features the iconic video game character just after he’s plummeted to his doom after mistiming a leap from one platform to the next. This humorous reminder that even the best of us have ‘down’ days, features a clever design that allows the toy to be displayed face down or on its belly to reveal the character’s ‘game over’ skeleton face.

An edition of 150, the Super Crash Bro Mean Edition vinyl art toy (9.5″) is available exclusively from FYE for $100.

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