WWR 2 SQR MK5 by Ashleywood x Underverse

Ashley Wood introduces the second generation of his signature World Wide Robot art toys with the upcoming SQR MK5 by Underverse. The new version of the plucky cube-shaped robot is the most detailed sculpt so far, with three flip-open doors including a large top-mounted hatch and smaller side-mounted one which both reveal SQR’s innerworkings. The hatch on the rear has a functional role, storing small watch batteries to power the light-up blue LED eyes.

The new SQR’s debut edition features a fairly straightforward white and black design focused on its status as #5 with the key number seen throughout the figure. There are a few stylish flourishes including the geometric pattern on the right side and the asymmetric legs, one white and one black.

The SQR Mk5 1:6 scale art toy will be available on Thursday October 20 from Underverse via their international web store and their Taobao store.

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