Mattel Celebrates 90 Years of Fisher-Price with a Virtual Toy Museum • The Toy Book

Source: Mattel

A new dose of toy history has arrived on Instagram.

To celebrate the 90-year legacy of its iconic Fisher-Price brand, Mattel opened the virtual doors to the Fisher-Price Toy Museum.

The experience features more than 90 different curated exhibits that were created by artist, set designer, and photographer Leila Fakouri to have an authentic museum feel.

Source: Mattel

“The Fisher-Price Toy Museum was inspired by the idea that, whether you were born in the 1950s, 1980s, or 2000s, everyone has a memory of their favorite childhood toy, and many of those are from Fisher-Price,” says Chuck Scothon, senior vice president and global head of infant and preschool, Mattel. “The intent of this museum is to take visitors back to their unique childhood experiences, and give them the opportunity to relive their youth, even if just for a few moments.”

Source: Mattel

The virtual museum features a real gift shop in which visitors can shop for a variety of exclusive items that celebrate timeless toys.

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