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‘Blue’s Clues &You! LeapBuilders Learning Letters | Source: LeapFrog

LeapFrog announced today the availability of its Blue’s Clues & You line of toys. Kids can nurture their love of learning with their favorite pal from Nickelodeon.

The remake of Blue’s Clues has a whole new generation of preschoolers discovering clues and learning in every episode. The new toys that go with the show allow kids to play along with the series with a variety of different products.

With the Blue’s Clues & You! Play & Learn Thinking Chair ($49.99), kids can take a seat — but not for long. Josh invites them to play when they sit down and once they stand up he encourages them to find clues. This chair features a non-removable Handy Dandy Notebook, light-up buttons, Mailbox, and storage under the cushion.

Source: LeapFrog

Kids learn through pretend play with the Blue’s Clues & You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook ($14.99). It looks just like the one from the show and features phone, music, and mail apps for pretend play with Blue, Josh, and Mailbox. With the Blue’s Clues & You! Learning Watch, kids can explore daily routines with either Magenta or Blue. It feature’s Josh’s voice and familiar barks. Kids are also introduced to counting, shapes, time concepts, and problem solving.

Familiar faces from Blue’s Clues & You! can also be found on three new LeapBuilders sets. Kids learn letters, numbers, and more with Blue’s 123 School ($24.99), Learning Letters Train ($17.99 — see above), and the 81-Piece Jumbo Blocks Box ($19.99). Each can be combined with other LeapBuilders sets.

All of the Blue’s Clues & You! toys are available now.

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