Darucan Love & Evil Editions by Crack x Museum of Toys

Blending street art with Eastern spirituality, Darucan returns with the Love & Evil editions from Crack and Indonesia-based Museum of Toys. The White and Gold ‘Love’ edition features the Chinese ‘愛’ symbol for love while the Black and Gold ‘Evil’ edition features the Chinese ‘惡’ symbol for evil. Both editions follow the OG Black and Orange edition which features the Chinese ‘殺’symbol for ‘Kill’.

Darucan recasts the classic spray can into the familiar, round Daruma doll shape with blank eyes. Darucan mirrors the real-world versatility of spray cans with two alternative spray caps, for a total of three.

Editions of 100, the Darucan Love & Evil Edition vinyl toys each come with matching enamel pins and are available from Taggem (USA, $100), The Toy Chronicle (UK) and Museum of Toys.

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