Whaleontology by Mark Whalen x Unruly Industries

First shown in preview form as part of Unruly Industries’ virtual SDCC event, the Whaleontology 3-figure resin art toy set from acclaimed illustrator Mark Whalen is now available for pre-order. The set features a trio of dinosaurs creatively reimagined with flamboyantly executed character archetypes.

Sporting an unmistakable Southern flair is Gentleman Rex (9.6″). From his sharp vest and cape to his top cat and cane, this T-Rex is at the top of his social game. The swashbuckling MosasARRR! (9.8″) , a pirate Mosasaur, is plunder proven with cutlass and peg leg. Finally, the Brachionaut (11.6″) is going where no dino has gone before. Visually and conceptually, the slender, spacey brachiosaur is the set’s standout. The prehistoric astronaut reps the trio’s orange and white colors with a wildly imaginative, grin-inducing space suit.

The Whaleontology 3 dino resin art toy set is available for pre-order from Unruly Industries for $200. The set is slated to ship in the November 2021 to January 2022 window.

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