Pumpkid by Czee13 x Clutter

From the twisted mind of UK artist Czee13 comes the new Pumpkid vinyl art toy produced by Clutter. This special treat features a child overcome by the persuasive power of the pumpkin. With narrowed eyes and outstretched arms, Pumpkid is out on a mindless prowl.

A short run figure just in time for Halloween, the Pumpkid vinyl toy (5.5″)will be available in three terrifying editions—Trick or Treat (Gray), Play To Death (Orange) and Collect or Die (Black+Red). It appears that all three editions have GID deco.

Each edition is limited to a total run of 100 pieces with just 90 available for release. Trick or Treat is Clutter’s Exclusive while Play to Death is IAmRetro’s exclusive. Collect or Die will be available from select retailers including Tenacious Toys, The Toy Chronicle, Strangecat Toys and Rotofugi. Keep your eyes out for the wandering Pumpkid, dropping shortly.


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