Owangebot Jr. by Kong Andri

Expanding the Owange Boy story, Indonesian artist Kong Andri is set to release his new Owangebot Jr. resin art toy. A smaller version of the cheerful mech piloted by Owange Boy, the junior bot features a spherical, orange-like design with short arms and legs as well as a central antenna. Powered by mechanical energy, Owangebot Jr. has a wind-up key system at the back.

An edition of 20, the Owangebot Jr. polystone resin art toy (4.72″) will be available on Wednesday (10.8) at 6 AM PDT from the artist’s web store for $350. Rather than displaying each figure’s edition number (such as 7/20) on the foot or somewhere out of sight, Andri’s cleverly incorporates it into the design, jersey style on the back. The figure does not include the OG Owange Boy shown in the promo photos.

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