Jumbo Melty Misfits Trading Cards from Buff Monster

Buff Monster is going big with the brand-new Jumbo Melty Misfits trading card series. Living up to the name, the new Jumbo series features 5×7″ sticker trading cards that are 4 times the size of the standard cards.

The Jumbo Melty Misfits feature twenty base set cards with twenty all-new characters. There also variants, sketch cards, and yes a few lucky Golden Tickets. Beyond the large format, the jumbo set is also the first Melty Misfits series to feature silkscreen prints. In all there are four different signed/numbered 5×7″ prints.

The Jumbo Melty Misfits will be available on Tuesday (10.6) at 10 AM PDT in full boxes (200 boxes, $150 +S/H) and individual packs (~200 packs, $20 +S/H) alongside a Jumbo series binder ($35 +S/H) from the StayMelty store on eBay. The new Jumbo series follows the sold-out Golden Melties Series 3 packs which were available exclusively on eBay at the end of August.

The full boxes feature six wax packs and contain a complete base set of 20 sticker cards, a full set of 4 signed and numbered silkscreen prints, vinyl sticker sheet, variants, an error card and a folded poster. Each individual wax pack has seven cards including base cards plus one variant card with a chance at special inserts and error cards.

U (10.5): Binder price corrected.

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