Bugs Bunny Erosion by Instinctoy x Looney Tunes x Soap Studio

The wait is over. The Bugs Bunny Erosion crossover art toy from Instinctoy x Looney Tunes x Soap Studio is now available as a lottery release. This first color features Bugs Bunny in his classic appearance shortly after enjoying a carrot infected with Instinctoy’s signature Liquid symbiote. The surprised expression on his face and his lumpy, eroded appearance tell the tale. Liquid can be seen at the top of the carrot and on Bugs’ rear end. The figure has plenty of playability from the five points of articulation (neck, shoulders & wrists) to the magnetically-attached carrot.

The Bugs Bunny Erosion 1st color art toy (14.57″) is available for ¥14,850 ($142) via lottery through Sunday (10.11) at 7:59 AM PDT via Instinctoy’s International and Japan-only sites. To enter, simply add the figure to your cart and check out for free. Winners will be notified via e-mail with payment instructions.

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