3DRetro Exclusive Evil Ape Fink by MCA x UVD Toys

MCA’s wild child returns with the new 3DRetro Exclusive Ape Fink vinyl art toy by UVD Toys. The exclusive edition feature a mono-ish design with jet black hair, gray face, and of course dangling pink tongue. For the those into design nuances, this edition features a spooky variation of the character’s ‘Evil’ t-shirt logo.

An edition of 100, the 3DRetro Exclusive Evil Ape Fink vinyl art toy (4″) will be released on 3DRetro’s live shopping stream on Thursday (10.8) at 3 PM PDT via the Pop Shop Live app (iOS) and via the web version at 3DRetroLive.com. MCA will be in the house remotely for the release. 3DRetro’s Thursday stream begins at 11 AM with multiple releases including blind boxes and more followed by the Evil Ape Fink drop at 3 PM.

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