Sweet Conflict Ep1 by Fools Paradise

With Sweet Conflict Ep1 Fools Paradise appears to be expanding its horizons with a mashup that riffs off two popular artists that themselves are known for commenting and appropriating pop culture. The food fight-inspired figure clearly references KAWS’ Companion and via the pose and concept, Banksy’s Flower Thrower. Lastly, a blue Smurf peeks out from underneath the sweet splatter. Did we mention this design is pure, chaotic fun?

Fools Paradise’s latest figure is a sign of the times in which once edgy, underground artists have become the new, hyped pop culture. While a slightly jarring development, it does seem to be a natural progression and outcome of artistic success.

The Sweet Conflict Ep1 vinyl art toy will be available for pre-order on Thursday (10.8) from Fools Paradise.

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