DKECON NYCC: Watermelon Pimp by Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik will release his Watermelon Pimp resin action figure art toys as part of the upcoming DKECON NYCC edition virtual event (10.8 – 10.11). The figure features China’s Mao with Mickey Mouse hat, cigarette and communist uniform.

Watermelon Pimp appears to be nearly identical to Kozik’s Bird is the Word figure released by DKE at SDCC 2016. Rather than release a single colorway, Watermelon Pimp will be available in five day glo colorways (20 pieces each) : Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Green.

Referencings Mao’s preference for watermelons, the new colorways are the latest in a long line of Mao-inspired art toys from Frank Kozik. Speaking of references, ‘The Bird is the Word’ phrase seen on the card back and often used by Kozik as the name of his Mao toys is a riff off the Surfin Bird – The Bird Is The Word song by the Trashmen which features a repeating ‘ma – ma -mao’ sequence in the second half.

The signed and numbered Watermelon Pimp resin art toy (3.75″ scale) will be available for $50 each in the five colorways (editions of 20, 100 total) as part of the DKECON NYCC Edition virtual event via the DKECON online store beginning on Thursday (10.8) at 10 AM PDT through Sunday (10.11) at 5 PM PDT. The figure will also be available in sets of five with matching numbers for $200.

The DKECON live stream featuring artist interviews and more will air from 10AM to 7 PM PDT each day of the event starting on Thursday (10.8) and ending on Sunday (10.11) at 5 PM PDT. Check the official DKECON site for all the info on this unique virtual event.

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