The Mazinger Z Real Mecha Heads by MonsterMind x Jukebox Vinyl

The new Mazinger Z Real Mecha Heads soft vinyl line from Jukebox Vinyl combine Go Nagai’s legendary robots with MonsterMind’s Real Eyeron Head concept featuring yokai style head-only toy designs. The Real Mecha Heads line debuts with two designs—Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

Officially licensed via Dynamic Production, the Mazinger Z Real Mecha Head features a single-eyed design while the Great Mazinger version features a dual-eyed face. Both figures feature white, blue and red designs.

The Real Mecha Head Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger soft vinyl art toys (3.15″) are available for pre-order from Jukebox Vinyl for HK$520 ($67). These are expected to ship at the end of October 2020.

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