SML Wars SS 01 by Sticky Monster Lab x Blitzway

Sticky Monster Lab is headed to the final frontier with the new SML Wars SS 01 Spacecraft Edition created in collaboration with Blitzway. The deluxe art toy set features an intricate pod-style spacecraft and an SML space soldier figure.

As seen in the photos, the pod opens to allow the figure to sit comfortably inside, at the controls no less. The interior of the cockpit features LED lighting as does the bottom rocket thruster. The spacecraft itself has a few fun features including retractable legs and a special lower bay which houses a drone. The drone also opens up vertically to reveal its sensors and can be displayed on an included stand.

The space soldier also packs the technology and features with an elaborate removable rocket jet pack, multiple sets of removable hands, and an epic blaster. Of course the figure has the lovable SML touch with the simple yet appealing face design. While pilot + vehicle (space ship/mech/etc) combos are becoming increasingly common, very few live up to the combination of detail, playability and creativity of the debut SML Wars release.

The SML Wars SS 01 Spacecraft Edition art toy set (8″ ship, 6″ soldier) is available for pre-order from Blitzway for $239 through 11.25.2020 and is also available for Korean collectors from several sources including the SML Shop.

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