The Siren – Vinyl Pulse

The upcoming Slave to the Siren vinyl art toy by Se7en x Martian Toys brings a dark, gritty take on a certain coffee brand’s very familiar logo. Featuring Se7en’s signature celestial eyes—stars and a moon third-eye—the siren holds back two ferocious sea serpents. Sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, the piece offers a mix of organic textures from the spiraled serpent tails to its jagged, sharp teeth.

The debut green and black edition evokes the inspiration without relying on the classic green and white color combination. The inclusion of a white venti tumbler with siren logo and metal straw is a nice touch for those looking for just a bit more flavor. Slave to the Siren stands as a stylish yet subtle take on an image known the world over. It’s an ode to the allure of caffeine and to the inescapable reach of global brands.

An edition of 399, the Slave to the Siren vinyl art toy (6 x 8 x 3″) will be available on Saturday (10.3) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys for $120. It will also be available from select retailers including Smeye World.

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