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Source: Elenco

Learning — it’s electric.

Elenco today launched Snap Circuits MyHome. For almost 20 years, the Snap Circuits line has helped make learning fun for kids, and this new addition will help them learn about how electricity works in their own home.

MyHome is designed to inspire kids of all backgrounds to care about the reasons things in their houses work. Kids can answer questions, such as: What happens when power goes out? How does power come into my home? How does power travel through my walls? They’ll learn about security systems, automatic lights, alarms, motors that power appliances, and more.

Kids ages 8 and up will discover the answers through building a house or city building with real, working 3D circuits. The set includes 25 step-by-step projects, plus kids can also design their own structures and circuits and combine with other Snap Circuits sets. There are no screens required so it makes a handy at-home learning tool.

Families can find it at Target for $59.99 now.

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