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Despite the many challenges 2020 has presented, The Toy Association has continued to adapt and evolve to deliver its members the most up-to-date insights and tools they need to expand their businesses, form new connections, and successfully navigate into 2021 and beyond.

“Members who have yet to tap into our free resources are encouraged to check out the following business tools, webinars, and research to help map out their future business plans,” says Anne McConnell, senior director of market research and data strategy at The Toy Association.

Timely topics and subsequent resources available to Toy Association members include:

  • COVID-19 Resources. At the start of the pandemic, The Toy Association quickly pivoted to develop a business toolkit with resources to help toy companies and retailers navigate the uncertain landscape. This included a four-part series of COVID-19-related webinars and calls. Recordings of COVID-19-related webinars can be found in the Education section of the Association website. Hosted in collaboration with various partners, these webinars tackle topics such as how to do business with a financially troubled customer; best insurance options; and how to create a media plan that resonates with consumers during times of uncertainty.
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Resources. The Toy Association and its Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosted two webinars following the release of an inaugural report addressing how toymakers are working to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. The first webinar delved into D&I issues in the workplace, such as how COVID-19 may impact businesses’ commitment to fair hiring practices, and the second examined D&I issues in relation to toy and content development
  • Business Guidance & Solutions. The Toy Association has continued to monitor the continued fallout from the 2018 Toys “R” Us (TRU) U.S. bankruptcy and its impact on retail and toy manufacturers. The Association published new research on how toy manufacturers can alter their distribution and marketing strategies to scale their businesses in a world without the old TRU model and hosted an exclusive call to guide members subpoenaed for the latest TRU lawsuit.

    Members can also access a new white paper by Rosenthal & Rosenthal exploring the differences between factoring and credit insurance to best finance for the future and webinars developed in partnership with The NPD Group and Pulse Ratings, respectively, examining what’s next for retail and which retailers are best positioned to navigate the current environment.

  • Global Insights. Throughout 2020, The Toy Association has continued to provide members exclusive access to new and informative global research and reports. Monthly TrendHunter reports cover a range of trends − from gamification to the subscription economy − from which members can draw inspiration. For marketing opportunities, new research conducted by The NPD Group is available on how U.S. children are engaging with key influencer platforms. And for those looking to expand their businesses overseas, members are encouraged to listen to the recent WPIC Marketing + Technologies webinar about China’s online market and opportunities available to toy brands based in North America and Europe.

Members who wish to learn more about past webinars or access to specific research are encouraged to reach out to Anne McConnell for more information.

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