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The Toy Book caught up with RetevisToys‘ CEO Weidong Shen about the company’s growth, its distribution strategy, and what’s new for the year.

Toy Book: What kind of growth has RetevisToys seen since its inception in 2008?
Weidong Shen: Mainly in the U.S. and European markets, we consistently sell up to 1 million pairs of kids’ walkie talkies annually. Our products have been recognized and praised highly by our customers.

TB: Tell us more about your distribution strategy.
WS: We mainly focus on online retail sales platforms such as Amazon. We also pay attention to offline retail sales — especially in physical toy stores. We keep the same MSRP everywhere, whether consumers want to buy online or in-store.

We offer exclusive pre-sales of new launches and customized packaging services for toy stores. And, most importantly, for larger toy company purchasers, we provide one-on-one professionally customized services.

TB: RetevisToys is a key player in manufacturing radio communications products. What are your plans to expand in the category?
WS: RetevisToys makes kids’ walkie talkies with crystal-clear voice quality. We continue to focus on being the best supplier of kids’ walkie talkies for kids of all ages.

RetevisToys’ RT34. Source: RetevisToys

Why is there an increased demand for kids-safe walkie talkies worldwide?
WS: Walkie talkies are a safe communication tool that kids can use to quickly talk with each other — without using the internet. Plus, amateur radio is a hobby and widely loved by people all over the world. Kids’ walkie talkies encourage communication between kids and with their parents. Kids can also use them to play games, go on adventures, and hang out outside. Furthermore, these products that are designed specifically for a younger audience help to foster kids’ interest in amateur radio early on in their childhoods. I believe the global demand will continue to increase.

TB: What new items can consumers get excited for this year?
We have great options that are a fit for a wide range of age groups, from younger kids to teenagers.

RetevisToys’ Retevis RT34 is a set of two walkie talkies that kids ages 4 and up can use to send video and sound. Available in October, these walkie talkies feature an HD camera and a 2-inch display screen for video chats. The batteries are rechargeable with a micro USB cable. An LED flashlight is also included for nighttime adventures, emergency situations, or to use in the dark.

The Retevis RA17 is a set of three long-range walkie talkies that will be available in November. Each walkie talkie features a backlit display to easily read the information; a keypad lock to prevent settings from being changed; a talk range of up to 4 km; a channel scanner; 10 call tones; and more.

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