Airship Factory Custom Janky Series by Doktor A

After three months of preparation, Doktor A is about to launch his Airship Factory custom Janky series. The series tells the story of the Airship Factory in Retropolis and its skilled craftsmen who create sky-bound Mechtorians. Doktor A meticulously handcrafted each of the customs using the 3.5″ Janky vinyl art toy platform from Superplastic.

The Airship Factory series features eight designs, each featuring a different factory professional including Todd Coppertail – The Mill Owner, The Assembler, The Clockworker, The Draughtsman, The Electrician, The Engineer, The Painter and The Technician. As with all of Doktor A’s Mechtorians creations, each of these customs is a captivating piece of an unfolding story. From crafting each figure’s accessories to hand-placing each rivet on the mechanical wonders and applying his signature verdigris finish, Doktor A has breathed life into each colorful character.

The Airship Factory custom Janky art toys will be available on Wednesday (9.30) at 10 AM PDT from Doktor A’s web store for £200 ($259) each. Each figure is packaged in a foam-lined presentation box along with its accessories. All of the figures except for the power-pack equipped Electrician feature a cast metal winding key at the rear.

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