Lonely Hero and Obake 4′ Sculptures by Hikari Shimoda

Hikari Shimoda will release her new large-format Loney Hero and Obake sculptures as part of a 4-person group show opening at Corey Helford Gallery on Saturday, October 3, 2020. The 4-foot sculpture features the artist’s signature Loney Hero character taking a stroll with his Obake (‘ghost’ in Japanese) companion.

First seen in the artist’s Loney Hero painting (2011), the powerful character is the last boy on his planet and the final hope against the dangers posed by humanity. Enigmatic yet approachable, Shimoda’s signature character embodies the artist’s hope in the promise of the future generation to correct the mistakes of their elders. No strangers to sculptural releases, Loney Hero and Obake have been featured in a series of polystone art toys produced by Apportfolio.

Bringing Shimoda’s anime-inspired aesthetic to life in real world scale, the 4′ sculptural editions are available for pre-order in a teak wood edition as well as a full-color fiberglass edition. The full-color edition features the character’s mystical, starry, multi-colored eyes. Carrying over a fun tradition from art toys, the fiberglass Obake actually glows in the dark, blue no less. Contact Sherri Trahan at Corey Helford for inquiries on either edition.

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