Maisto Tech Project 66 Street Trooper RC Car Toy Review, Hawkin's Bazaar

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Any remote control car can chase off trouble makers, but how many can follow up with a barrage of darts shot from a secret cannon? Paper bullseyes, younger siblings and lounging pets beware; Project 66 is on the roll and looking for targets! Drive this sleek full function RC vehicle in any direction until you find a target, then press the morph button to transform the car into cannon mode and gun down anything unfortunate enough to be sat in front of it. Press the button again and the car closes up, concealing the cannon until it’s next needed. What’s more, this hyper stylish red and black design is exclusive to Hawkin’s Bazaar!

Dart shooting remote control car
Maisto RC car number 81107
Concealed five-shot dart cannon
Car transforms at press of a button
Full function control
Tri-channel transmitter
Red and black design exclusive to Hawkin’s Bazaar

Requires 8 x AA batteries
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