It's My Biz From Fashion Angels 2014 Hottest Kids Toy Reviews

Toys that enable girls to design and create clothes and other accessories are practically everywhere. However, only a few of them actually live up to expectations. Chances are, after a few times playing with the toys, they will be relegated to the background and promptly forgotten. That’s because they just do not pose enough challenge or allow for enough room for little and tween to exercise their creativity. This is clearly what motivated Fashion Angels in coming up with its new portfolio of products. One of these products is the It’s My Biz Line.

It’s My Biz is not your ordinary toy craft set. Yes, it gives girls everywhere all the resources they will need in order to come up with fashion accessories and trinkets, as well as other treats. However, what sets the It’s My Biz apart from other games in the same vein is how it has a business side. This is where the educational aspect of this set comes in. After creating the fashion accessories and treats, the kids will also be provided with the tools they will need for them to launch their own business, and how to make it a success.

Each It’s My Biz kit is basically a miniature business kit. Not only does it have the activity products and raw materials to create the products, it also contains an ultimate business guide with tips, tricks and various information that are essential to starting and running a business. It also comes with business documents such as business cards, sales logs, and sales receipts. You can choose from a variety of self-contained business kits, including a T-Shirt shop, a Nail Salon, a Jewelry Boutique, and a Cupcakery Bakery. Kids and tweens will not only have fun playing with these sets, they will also be on their way to becoming future entrepreneurs!


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