Abyss Tomorrow: Milk Rivulet by Kiyokawa

China-based Kiyokawa’s Abyss Tomorrow toy line features a futuristic retro parallel universe fueled by space travel and colonization. Styled after the 60s era Soviet space program by designer Chairman Cha, the Abyss Tomorrow figures and vehicles offer a fantastic, alternate unfolding of history. Debuting in China in 2019, select figures from the line are now available to the international market via official Abyss Tomorrow distributor Toy Art Gallery.

Toy Art Gallery is offering both the new Milk Rivulet blindbox series and the Atom Jet vehicle. Milk Rivulet features seven standard figures including a female cosmonaut, two bionic figures, a robotic sheep, robotic dog, a wild hover sled and separate pilot figure. There’s also a chase baby-faced bionic figure. A display case of eight figures includes the seven standard figures and a chance at the chase.

The Atom Jet evokes the unmistakable feel of a vintage die-cast toy despite its soft vinyl construction. The impressive paint and the wheels sells the retro toy illusion.

The Abyss Tomorrow Milk Rivulet series ($15/blindbox, $120 for a case) and the Atom Jet figures ($75) are available from Toy Art Gallery. The blindbox series is offered as a pre-order and will ship in 1-2 months. Atom Jet is in stock and should ship quickly.

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