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Source: Spin Master

Spin Master is unleashing Present Pets puppies, an innovative new line of interactive pets that unbox themselves.

The new brand is inspired by the classic dream of kids being gifted a puppy in a bow-topped box. Present Pets have already secured a spot on the Toy Insider’s legendary Hot 20 list and will be available in North America in limited supply beginning Oct. 1.

Present Pets: Fancy Pups | Source: Spin Master

Kids activate the magic of Presents Pets by pulling an oversized gift tag on top of each box. Immediately, the puppy inside will start barking as it begins to shake and paw its way out of the box.

“We cannot wait to surprise the whole family with the magical experience of unboxing their very own Present Pet puppy,” says Jean Gomez, Spin Master’s vice president marketing & global business unit lead. “It’s a dream come true for children to unwrap a surprise puppy, and we are delighted to bring that joy to families this holiday season. We hope to see lots of exciting reactions when children open their Present Pets toys.”

Present Pets: Glitter Pups | Source: Spin Master

Present Pets are available in two themes — Furry Pups and Fancy Pups — each available in two different styles. Present Pets are available to preorder now at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

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