Horns: Sasquatch by Hands in Factory x Martian Toys

Known for their ‘Horns’ series of characters, Korean design team Hands In Factory has collaborated with Martian Toys on the brand-new Horns: Sasquatch vinyl art toy. The triple threat of Uptempo Lee, Jonghun Ha & RocKOON have unleashed the biggest monster on campus.

Proudly wearing his varsity jacket, cap, and shouting through his bullhorn, Sasquatch has arrived on the scene. Proving that friends come in all sizes, Horns: Sasquatch comes with a Forest Friend Mouse that magnetically catches a ride under the big man’s cap. Based on the packaging and previous promotional images, it appears that Horns: Sasquatch may be the first edition of the Horns: Yetti figure.

An edition of 150, the Horns: Sasquatch vinyl art toy (8″) will be released on Friday (9.25) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys for $150. As with many of Martian’s premiere releases, the figure is available for purchase now via their ARO (Advanced Release Offer) program.

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