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​​​Time to build my space craft! These are really cool toys that are made of a thick cardboard. I liked the details and colors 🙂

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This all came together at different times. I found the toys and happy meal bag at a garage sale and the display on eBay awhile back. It was cool that I could show it all together, so we see what was available at that time back in 1991! I’m glad it all survived over the years and I think it is a pretty cool set to have.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:08 Intro/Display
2:03 Happy Meal Bag/Activities
4:23 Command Module
11:40 Satellite Dish & Space Walker
15:52 Space Shuttle & Space Walker
22:45 Lunar Rover
27:07 The Complete Set

▶▶ Product Info
NASA Young Astronauts McDonald’s 1991 Retro Happy Meal Toys
Space Shuttle & Space Walker
Command Module
Lunar Rover
Satellite Dish & Space Walker
Restaurant Counter Display

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