Child World / Children's Palace Video Toy Chest (1990): Part 2

In 1990 Child World / Children’s Palace presented a “Video Toy Chest ” or “A Toy Catalog on Videotape.” It was basically a bunch of toy commercials strung together. In between the commercials are entertainment bits performed mostly by children. See if you can spot any future stars!

Check out a blog post of mine that has a little “where are they now” info:

Commercials on part 2:
(0:12)- Huffy Sonic 6
(1:09)- Fisher-Price Magic Vac
(1:42)- Fisher-Price Rocker Pony
(2:37)- Fisher-Price Post Office
(3:17)- Fisher-Price Pop-Up Playhouse
(4:01)- Fisher-Price Kitchen
(4:42)- Fisher-Price Super Wagon
(5:20)- Fisher-Price Fire Pumper
(5:50)- Tyco Typhoon Hovercraft
(6:49)- Quints
(7:43)- Bongo Congo
(8:44)- My Pretty Ballerina
(9:44)- Spy Tech
(10:52)- Bases Loaded II Second Season Nintendo Game
(11:57)- Playskool Flat Folks
(12:43)- Playskool Express
(13:31)- Mall Madness


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