Zombie Bunnies by Fetch For Donuts

Aleana Soto’s (Fetch For Donuts) Zombie Bunnies resin art toys feature a fun and fresh design. Not your typical bunny by any means, the Zombie Bunny features a stylized take on the mindless, lumbering zombie.

The 3D-sculpted design features a bunny that seems to be devolving before our eyes, drip by drip. While the slender ears remain intact, the bunny’s face is starting to elongate and deform. With blank eyes and a dangling tongue, the zombie strain has overcome the perhaps once cute rabbit.

The Zombie Bunny resin art toys (7″) will debut in an edition of eight apparently split across three colorways: Black, Ombre with a blue/green gradient and Pink. All three editions will be released on Friday (9.18) at 9 AM PDT from the Fetch For Donuts Instagram page for $85 each. The figures are hand-dcast and hand-painted by the artist.

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