Azure Ailurophile Superjanky by Junko Mizuno x Superplastic

Created for cat lovers, the new Azure Ailurophile Superjanky vinyl art toy from Junko Mizuno x Superplastic is a follow up to the OG pink edition released back in June 2020. The light pastel blue edition features the mystical cats two favorite foods, fish and mice in gray and black respectively. And of course, the insane kaleidoscopic deco is the star of the show. Mizuno’s captivating art is rendered crisply and beautifully thanks to Superplastic’s premium deco printing.

The Azure Ailurophile Superjanky vinyl art toy (8″) will drop on Thursday (9.17) at 11 AM PDT from Superplastic for $90. The new edition is slated to ship in December 2020.

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