An Exclusive Tease of Janky Series 3

Pssst. Superplastic is about to unleash its Janky Series 3 blind-boxed art toys. Series 3 of the brand’s signature 3″ platform toy will once again showcase some of the top artists in the world. While the previous two series launched via wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns, S3 will be a conventional online release which means almost instant gratification.

In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive tease of what looks to be wild Blue and Orange Series 3 Janky. The tantalizing pic reveals a custom-sculpted boy with what appears to be two sets of arms as well as a serious pair of brass knuckles. So now you have a quarter of the picture, where could the other 3/4’s be? Hmmm. Btw, any guesses on who the artist is?

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