Sket-One x 3DRetro Exclusive Ting

After six quickly sold-out editions, we are down to one last version of Sket-One’s farting elephant. Saving perhaps the best for last, Sket’s very own exclusive edition features a fierce black and silver design.

Going back to the character’s graffiti roots, Sket’s final design sets the tone with edgy, angular eyes while arrows, drips and splatter in silver flow across the black figure. Closing things out on a true high note, Sket will be hand-customizing each figure with silver and black spray paint and signing and numbering the toy and the box. Ting’s entire final run of 100 is essentially an Artist Proof exclusive edition.

The Sket-One Exclusive Ting vinyl art toy will be released on a random day and time sometime during the week of September 14th. Sket will send out email notification of the drop on to his VIP email list which is open to anyone looking for the latest info. Given the high demand for the figure, this ‘stealth’ release strategy is designed to level the playing field by limiting the advantage of bots and those with super-fast internet connections.

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