Sensei General Trahn by Rios Toy Designs

Rios Palante (Rios Toy Design) continues to expand his FU-Stamps universe with the imminent release of the new Sensei General Trahn resin art toy. Featuring a drunken master inspired design, the Sensei is the fourth figure in the series after his pupils Bodega Blade, Demonio and Skrew Face.

The masterful, white-haired Sensei General Trahn has blended into his urban environment, wearing an Asian-style outfit alongside baggy pants and sneakers. Sensei’s long traditional braided queue hairstyle with a metal end appears to double as an unconventional weapon. Finally, his removable clay jug can be displayed separately or held behind his back.

The Sensei General Trahn resin art toy (8″) will be available for pre-order on Friday (9.18) from the Fu-Stamps online store.

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