Project Martian MegaTEQ by Sergio Mancini x QUICCS x Martian Toys

The Project MegaTEQ vinyl art toy series by Sergio Mancini x QUICCS x Martian Toys features three exclusive colorways split between IamRetro and Martian Toys. Inspired by design schematics and blueprints, Red Mutuca co-founder Sergio Mancini’s ‘Project’ concept blends deconstruction and dissection.

Split into two halves, the left side of the Project MegaTEQ features part labels—Horn, Eyebrow, Kangaroo Pocket, Sleeve—bringing an in vogue deconstructed flair. The right side of the diagram-driven design dives beneath the exterior exploring the MegaTEQ’s innerworkings from arm joints to shock absorbers in the legs. With this outside-inside split, Mancini’s design offers an unconventional spin on the dissected genre. Delivering a behind-the-scenes mix of of the buzz heavy dissection and deconstruction trends, the Project MegaTEQ appeals to our love of design.

The Project MegaTEQ series features a trio of two-toned colorways: Project Martian (Blue/White, 200 pcs), Project Retro (Blue/Red, 200 pcs) and Project X (Black/Gold, 75 pcs). The Project Martian and Project Retro colorways are Martian Toys and IamRetro exclusives respectively. The Project X colorway will be offered by both retailers in a combo 2-pack bundled with their exclusive colorway.

The Project Martian MegaTEQ vinyl art toy (12″) will drop on TEQ Tuesday (9.15) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys alongside the Project Martian + Project X combo. The figures are available ahead of the official release through Martian Toys’ Advanced Release Offer (ARO) program. IamRetro has yet to announce a release for the Project Retro colorway.

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