‘Chop Chop’ by Guggimon x Superplastic

Say hello to an all-new Guggimon art toy from Superplastic. Chop Chop features a brand-new shorter and dare we say, cuter, sculpt of the brand’s wild child character. With a grayscale design and throwback axe-behind-the-back pose, Chop Chop has a cocky cartoon vibe. Of the three Guggimon toys so far, this one has the most ‘tude with cockeyed ears and smug pose. Chop Chop follows the Guggimon Rabbit and Janky-based Guggimon figures.

An edition of 999, the Chop Chop vinyl art toy (10″) is available for pre-order from Superplastic for $90. The figure is slated to ship in the Spring of 2021.

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