The Last Ghost Ride by Fools Paradise

Who ya gonna call? Fools Paradise’s mashup machine rolls on with The Last Ghost Ride art toy blending the ghost fighting franchise, two hellacious comic book characters and some 8-bit fright for good measure into one wild ride.

The eclectic, ectomorphic set brings back Fools Paradise’s coin-op kiddie ride concept in the form of a detailed Ecto-1 ride. Almost a toy in its own right, the ambulance’s logo features the ghosts from Super Mario Bros, a nod to Fools Paradise’s ongoing celebration of the classic game.

Humorously, the ghost busting crew is helmed by the ferocious demon boy, decked out in the classic khaki suit. While there are no slimy ghosts in sight, there’s plenty to fight in the form of a hybrid Stay Puft Rider abomination, hair ablaze, face amelt.

Driven by the play on words and the marshmallow melting synergy, the mashed-up Stay Puft Ghost Rider is definitely the star of the show. Pushing things completely over the top, the hellish baddie features light-up flames.

An edition capped at 398, the Last Ghost Ride art toy set (14.57″ ghost, 8.27″ ghost fighter) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $448 (global shipping included).

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