Lil’ Wickey by Wuji Toys

Filipino artist Jimmy Bautista Jr.’s Wuji Toys is set to debut the new Lil’ Wickey resin art toy. A smaller, cuter version of the artist’s signature skeleton mask mouse, Lil’ Wickey has a more compact body and more upright ears than the edgier original figure.

Apparently the third figure in the Wickey line, the new sculpt debuts in the OG black and white edition. As with the larger 6″ figure the draw of Lil’ Wickey is the stylized skull mask with notch below the left eye to mark it as a mask rather than the character’s own skull. Based on teaser art and previous editions of the larger figure, we’re also expecting a Jester version with Philippines-inspired blue and red shoes.

An edition of just 12 pieces, the OG Lil’ Wickey resin art toy (2.9″) will be available on Saturday (9.12) at 2 AM PDT for $31. Wuji Toys will post a online ordering form link on his IG on the day of release. The figure includes several bonuses: a limited-edition face mask (15 pieces), small print and stickers.

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