Gargolin by Arctong Toys – Vinyl Pulse

Arctong Toys has introduced their brand-new Gargolin resin art toy. Inspired by the endangered Pangolin—a curious scaled species—the figure has a shy but fierce personality, ready to defend itself from poachers and whomever else threatens it.

The Gargolin art toy is available in five transforming editions: Angry Bunny, Angry Shark, Angry Panda, Angry Rhino and Battle Damaged (Ram). Each edition features a different animal head (mask) that fits over the Gargolin’s head. And yes, the masks are interchangeable for mix and match fun.

Gargolin follows Arctong Toys’ popular B1 Spacer chameleon art toy with a shared geometric design sensibility and a focus on highlighting earth’s unique animal species.

The Gargolin resin art toys (5.5″) are available directly from Arctong Toys in the four standard editions (350 pieces, $63) as well as the special Battle Damaged edition (199 pieces, $79).

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