Full Color Stranger Series 1 by Flawtoys

Flawtoys is about to release the new Full Color Stranger Series 1 resin art toys. The new series features the brand’s signature figure in three full-size translucent editions in Red, Green and Blue. The Stranger’s minimalist design invites the viewer to use it as a point of reflection, perhaps of endless possibilities. As we’ve come to expect from Flawtoys, the new figures are beautifully cast, gleaming and shiny without a hint of an imperfection that would detract from the contemplative experience it provides.

Editions of 40, the Full Color Strangers Series 1 resin art toys (7″) in Red, Green and Blue will be available for pre-order on Thursday (9.10) at 8 AM PDT from Flawtoys for €80 ($94) or a full set of three at the special price of €220 ($260). The figures are slated to ship at the end of September 2020.

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