Vandul Praise and 8-Ball by Vandul

LA-based Vandul is set to release his Vandul Praise and 8-Ball 3D-printed art toys on Sunday (9.13). Given the extremely low editions featuring unique 1/1 of colorways, the releases can be quite frantic. To make things perhaps a bit calmer, Vandul has released full details on both of the upcoming figures.

Vandul Praise—inspired in part by Kanye’s Jesus is King gospel album—features a brand-new sculpt, arms outstretched in prayer and praise. The 4.5″ figure features the incognito character in his signature hoodie with sweet kicks. As with previous releases of his signature Vandul figures, Vandul Praise is an ‘edition of ten’ with a twist: each of the ten figures features a unique hand-painted colorway. Vandul Praise will include a bonus unpainted Praying Vandul figure as well as several large stickers and a Vandul button.

The brand-new 8-Ball figure is the debut release in the artist’s sobriety series. Available in semi-translucent blue and green editions of 8, the smiley bag character comes in humorous baking powder-style packaging. The 8-Balls will ship with a print, a mix of sobriety-themed stickers and a keychain.

Both the Vandul Praise and 8-Ball 3D-printed art toys will drop on Sunday (9.13) at 12 PM PDT from the Vandul shop for $150 each.

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