Just For Fun Labubu Release by Kasing Lung x How2work

In a bit of a surprise, Kasing Lung x How2work are set to release the appropriately named Just For Fun Mini Labubu vinyl art toys via an international e-mail lottery. This special drop features three colorways: Khaki, Navy and Olive. With conventions mostly sidelined, the lottery is a fun and fair way to release these special editions of Kasing Lung’s wildly popular little beastie.

Editions of 300 per color, the Just for Fun Mini Labubus will be available for HK$150 each ($19.40) via email lottery for three hours starting on Sunday (9.6) at 6 AM PDT and ending at 9 AM PDT the same day. Winners will be limited to one randomly chosen color and will be notified via email with payment instructions. To enter send an email to cs@how2work.com.hk with a subject of “Mini Labubu Just for fun” and be sure to include:

-Contact name (Full name):
-Country and district:
-Contact number:
-PayPal account:
-Instagram (Optional):

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