Kaiju Show at Giant Robot 2

Giant Robot celebrates the art of Japanese-inspired monsters with its Kaiju Show opening on Saturday (9.5) with a live stream tour starting at 12 PM PDT from their IG channel. The exhibition features original paintings, sculpture and a few toys as well from the talented lineu—curated by Cassia Lupo— which includes:

Aaron Brown, Allison Bamcat, Andrew Stewart, Angela Song, Bonnie Lui, Brenda Chi, Brian Luong, Candie Bolton, Cassia Lupo, Christian Leon Guerrero, Defective Pudding, Epoch, Erick Martinez, Eunice San Miguel, Federico Tobon, Flat Bonnie, Gigi Chen, Hooked Hans, Junko Ogawa, Kevin Chan, Kevin Luong, Keys New, Kristine Evans, Lauren YS, Lisa Kogawa, Luke Chueh, Lydia Fu, Mariangela Le Thanh, Mari Inukai, Mark Nagata, Melissa Kojima, Michael Fleming, Michelle Wanhala, Nellie Le, Nikki Lukas Longfish, Po Yan Leung, Sanaa Khan, Stacy Javier, Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, Theo Ellsworth, Thinh Nguyen, Tripper Dungan and Yusei Abe.

On the toy side, highlights include Candie Bolton’s hand-paintined Hanabishi Bake-Zame sofubi figures (edition of 6) and the Super Puncher and Bossy Bear sofubi toys from Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath.

The Kaiju Show will open virtually on Saturday (9.5) at 12 PM PDT with art available from the Giant Robot online store and a live stream tour on Instagram.

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