Deer XO White by Colus

San Diego-based Colus is set to release a new white edition of his mesmerizing Deer XO resin art toy. The new edition features a white deer and a black ring which is the inverse of the OG edition released at DesignerCon 2019.

The eye-catching piece features a deer stepping through a large circular ring that seems to be suspended in midair. As with all of his work, Deer XO’s minimalist design showcases the beauty of the sculpt leaving room for the viewer to appreciate it unadorned and making of it what they will.

An edition of six, the XO White resin art toy (10″) drops on Friday (9.4) at 10 AM PDT from Colus’ web shop for $500 each. The release is limited to the USA due to shipping considerations.

[Photos: @pemsicle]

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