Mechbot by FreakyFir x QUICCS x Czee13 x Clutter

First introduced as part of the 3oz Canbot blindbox series Kickstarter, the Mechbot news from Clutter is flowing fast and freely with a sneak peak of the first QUICCS artist edition Mechbot.

The Mechbot began life as a concept drawing created by FreakyFir based on QUICCS’ Lil Qwiky design, a variant of Czee13’s Canbot. Now, the original pink and gray design is slated for production on the new 9″ Mechbot figure which incorporates Czee13’s elements into FreakyFir’s original concept. The Mechbot is designed to fit any 5″ Canbot head including the Lil Qwiky figures from QUICCS.

In addition to the QUICCS Mechbot, Clutter is also launching the Create Don’t Hate Mechbot from Czee13 as part of the 3oz Canbot KS.

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