Bluto Zombie by Luaiso Lopez x ZCWO

The new Bluto Zombie vinyl art toy by Barcelona-based Luaiso Lopez x ZCWO continues his undead sailor story with the nemesis and foil to his previously released Popeye Zombie figure. With brains on his mind, the purple-skinned Bluto Zombie has no time to worry about his open wounds including the massive slice missing out of his stomach. Adding to the fun, is the Zombie ‘peg leg’—hilarious. The officially-licensed figure brings a fun, light-hearted twist to the big baddie and would of course look great next to the Popeye Zombie figure.

The Bluto Zombie vinyl art toy (10.24″) is available for pre-order from ZCWO for $230 (worldwide shipping included) and is slated to ship in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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