1997 Easy Bake Oven Snack Center, Kenner Toys – Hasbro M&M Cookie Set – S'mores & Rice Krispies

I make an M&M Cookie Bake Set with our 1997 Easy Bake oven! What a colorful set of cookies 🙂

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This oven was sort of a transition from using the real recipes listed in the booklet to having all boxed mixes. I got to pick from a variety of mix sets and I decided on the M&M Bake Set. The 1993 Easy Bake was around for about 10 years, so a lot kids probably had this oven. Another feature was the heating section at the top of the oven. I made S’mores and Rice Krispies Treats! What a fun oven! I listed all of the different mix sets I show in the video in the product section. There are even more sets like the My Little Pony and Shrek.


▶▶ Recipes
Melted Chocolate (1/2 of one warming tray)
Marshmallow Fluff (2 tsp Marshmallow Fluff second tray)
Graham Crackers
Heat for 6-9 minutes then pour half each on a Graham Cracker and make a sandwich.

Krispies Treats
1 tsp butter
2 tsp Marshmallow Fluff
Fill the second tray 1/2 way with Rice Krispies
Combine the krispies after you heat up the mixture for 9 minutes

▶▶ Skip Times

0:14 1997 & 2001 Oven Comparisons
1:17 Light Bulb Baking Book
3:22 More Detail
4:45 Instruction Booklets
6:04 Easy Bake Mixes
7:19 M&M’s Recipe
10:06 Mixing Recipe
17:19 Little M’s Decorations
19:02 Placing Into Oven
19:32 Sugar Cookie Recipe
23:32 M&M Shape Mold
25:26 Removing 1st Recipe Cookies
27:01 Recipe #3
32:54 All 3 Colors – Final Product
34:48 S’mores Recipe
36:30 Rice Crispy Treats Recipe
40:20 Making S’Mores
41:42 Making Rice Crispy Treats
44:18 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
1997 Easy Bake Snack Center Oven
2001 Easy Bake Snack Center Oven
Easy Bake M&M Cookies Bake Set
Easy Bake M&M Cake Set
Easy Bake Dunkin’ Donuts Set
Easy Bake Eggo Bake Set
Easy Bake McDonald’s Apple Pie Set
Easy Bake Scooby Doo Bake Set
Easy Bake Cookie Set

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